UpdataEnergyFeed - a dedicated real time energy data and research feed

Updata EnergyFeed gives energy professionals real-time exchange data, a unique source of real time OTC trades with history and scraped data from the internet. The feed also carries premium third party data services such as Argus, IIR energy and Nema. Extra fees may be payable direct to these vendors, marked *

ICAP - Real time OTC prices for European Power, Gas, Emissions and Coal. Video Demo HERE

Aeso - Prices from the Alberta Electric System Operator

Apx - Spot Power Exchange for Netherlands and UK markets

Argus Media* - price assessments, business intelligence and market data for the global energy and commodities markets

BBL Company - a gas pipeline from Balgzand (The Netherlands) to Bacton (UK)

Belpex - Spot Power Exchange for Belgium

CAISO - Prices from the California Electric System Operator

CME Clearport - clearing services open to OTC market participants

CME - Prices from NYMEX

EEX - Prices and long histories from Europe's Leading Energy Exchange

EIA - Official Energy Statistics from the U.S. Government

Energinet - Danish national transmission system operator for electricity and natural gas

EOX Live* - Forward curves from the OTC Global Holdings group

ERCOT - Prices from the Electricity Reliability Council of Texas

EXAA - Spot Power Exchange for Austria

Fish Pool - Regulated market for financial salmon contracts

GASSCO - Norwegian operator of natural gas pipes from the Norway to Continental Europe and UK

GIE - gathering European operators of gas transmission pipelines, storage facilities and LNG terminals

ICE - Prices from ICE Europe

Interactive Data - Provider of Updata real time exchange data, Forex and metals

IIR Eenrgy* - real-time tracking of planned and unplanned interruptions to refineries, power and gas plants

Interconnector - gas pipeline from Zeebrugge (Belgium) to Bacton (UK)

MISO - Prices and loads from the Midcontinent Independent System Operator

Montel - energy news headlines from Montel

N2EX - Spot Power Exchange for NL and UK power

Nasdaq Commodities - Nordpool financial power contracts for Nordic region

National Grid - operators of power and gas infrastructure in the UK

NEISO - Prices and loads from the North East Independent System Operator

Nena* - providers of price prognoses and fundamental market analysis for the European energy market

TMX NGX - electronic trading and clearing for the North American natural gas and electricity markets

Nordpool - Spot Power Exchange for Scandinavia

NYISO - Prices and loads from the New York Independent System Operator

OTC Global Holdings - Real time OTC prices for US Power, Gas, NGLs

PJM - Prices and loads from the system operator for Pennsylvania, Jersey, Maryland power pool

PXE - Spot Power Exchange for Central Europe

RSS - RSS feeds and REMIT in the Updata Analytics newswire

SKM - Spot Power Exchange for NL and UK power

Tesla* - Energy forecasting solutions for global energy markets

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