Linton Price Targets – Patent Pending

These groundbreaking new Price Targets are devised and developed by Updata and included in our flagship product Updata Enterprise. Simply press the T Key on any chart and the Price Targets are drawn automatically.

You can see a see a series of demos and presentations - Here

At the borrom of the page you can see what Updata clients are saying about the targets

Linton Price Targets

What people using these new Price Targets are saying:

"My first impression is that this tool is excellent. It saves a lot of work and as well as making point and figure targets easily available to people that don’t really use P&F charts. Being able to combine time targets as well is superb."

"Many congratulations on finding such a brilliant and interesting concept and, like many great ideas, it's surprising that nobody has thought of it before!"

"I find when combined with whatever method of analysis you normally use, they really give you massive confidence in your trade idea when they align. The fact that they give you an idea of timescale is sometimes a much-needed nudge that perhaps this particular trade will not workout."

"Having used Point and Figure for many years, you have completely changed my way of thinking and I hope others enjoy using Linton Price Targets as much as I do"

"Congratulations to everyone involved in producing an impressive system which looks like breaking the mould."

"Having been a client of Updata since the start, it has been an incredible journey to follow. I appreciate how much hard work and dedication David and his team have undertaken in continuing to create and develop new ideas with such great passion and make the Updata software of today so unique."

"I am enjoying using the price targets and for myself they are really addictive, I especially like the way you can adjust to better fit the chart data, I did not really grasp this right at the start. "

"I find myself looking at charts and putting the arrows in place now before they appear and they really help to sort the good opportunities from the bad."

"I am sure your Targets will prove a great success and think once people have tried them, they will have a hard time letting go."

"This new feature of the P&F chart targets is very very good. Must have been a lot of work to get to this stage! Well done! Very impressive!"

"Your charting package, in my opinion, is excellent and I have loved learning more and participating in your beta programme."

"It is remarkable work. I commend you and the team for allowing us this new option."

"The most important value add to me is the time component as that is always the frustration with point and figure vertical counts. While they are very powerful and valid, not having an indication as to whether they will be achieved in a week, a day, or a year has limited their utility….until now!"

"I very much appreciate the chance to have access to this new feature. I think it is exciting and very useful."

"Definitely a huge advance. Point and Figure can be difficult to get the hang of, this is a great way round that."

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