Technical Analysis for Energy Traders – 10 hour online training course

This 10 module Energy focused Technical Analysis course was recorded in early April to help Updata energy clients navigate energy markets in the coming week and months.

  • Over 600 new slides and live analysis
  • Covers the latest analysis techniques in a concise format
  • Latest in depth analysis of crude oil, gas, power, coal and emissions
  • Analyses the state of these markets right now for better understanding
  • Great online format lets you start and stop at your own pace (10 CPD points)

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About the Course

David Linton, Updata CEO and one of the UK’s most experienced and qualified technical analysts takes you through the latest Technical Analysis techniques and how to apply them to today’s energy markets. Each module takes about an hour to complete and is designed to help you understand which tools work best and when to use them. Each module is around 60 new slides with recent charts and live analysis from early April 2020. The course format is:

  • 1. Introduction to the course and Technical Analysis basics
  • 2. Understanding key price levels, trends and Dow Theory
  • 3. Different Chart types and when to utilise them
  • 4. Moving averages, Fibonacci retracements and pivot points
  • 5. Indicators, a range of oscillators and when they work best
  • 6. Optimised Exit Strategies, knowing when to exit, using stops
  • 7. Clouds Charts, multiple time frame analysis, knowing the trend at a glance
  • 8. Point and Figure, projecting price target with a high degree of accuracy
  • 9. System testing, finding the best automated trading strategies
  • 10. Putting it all together – applying all we have learned – when and how to use it

What you should expect to gain:

  • A very good working knowledge of Technical Analysis
  • What works when….and what doesn’t
  • Ability to see clearly when the trend changed
  • How to predict future price levels with high accuracy
  • Understanding multiple time frames, what should happen when
  • Identifying the best trading strategies
  • Analysis of the market you trade right now in weeks and months ahead
  • Ways of carrying your knowledge and technical trading skills forward

The course price is £895 including VAT and carries 10 CPD points when completed

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